A Few Observations…

Stanford’s Children’s Lucille Packard Hospital is the best, perhaps in the world.  Children are flown in from everywhere to be treated regardless of the ability to pay.  There is a Ronald MacDonald House which is kept full all the time.  Every floor of the hospital has whimsical artwork and sculptures of animals with an outside playground and several gardens.  


Before he went in for his heart procedure, our pastor and another good friend called and prayed for him.  It made a big difference helping Hank to be calm instead of as nervous he was before.  Abiding in Him happens wherever we be.

Several years ago, we took our other young son to their E.R.  He was admitted for four days.  He had screaming pain no one could explain which was causing him to lose body control triggering his past post trauma.  Before going there, since other doctors could not diagnose him, he was dismissed.  We were told not to come back:  everyone thought him just crazy.  However, Stanford sent him to their pain clinic.  Once they did a nerve block, the one that caused his extreme pain and the loss of bodily functions, his pain and the symptoms all resolved.  Cyclists who have had this enflamed nerve have been known to commit suicide because it was so traumatic.

Hank at Stanford

As before, the surgeons, doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, receptionists, and everyone else was exceptionally personable and just plain nice.  They kept us up to date even during the surgery.  They work in tandem as a team for the best care.

However as the day lingered, weary parents like me looked more like homeless people laying down on lobby couches to rest or sleep while waiting for news of their children’s surgery results.   We held the bags filled with our child’s clothing and other things like a stash of water bottles.  When you are exhausted, you don’t care what other strangers may think.  

Another observation is that now the bathrooms are gender neutral.  That just means that now women have to put the toilet seats down because some man used it before them.  Yuck.  Hmm.  I have trained the males in my house to practice a good habit, but now we have to train the world?  Impossible!  


hank's last supper

The cafeteria was wonderful, though I doubt that all could afford to eat there if their stays were extended.  Recently my husband’s doctor has put him on a gluten free diet, just like me!  However, I was surprised that the woman in charge of one of the food stations had no idea what gluten free meant.  Stanford?  So, I mostly ate salad while he chose soup hoping for the best.   The night before his procedure, we took the boy to his “last supper” for the meal of his choice: chicken fettuccine.  As for us, we shared lemon butter chicken with capers, delicious gluten free fare.  Yum.  I am inspired to try to make it at home.   

Stanford is in Palo Alto which is not the most inexpensive place to stay, but is a nice community.  Unlike most people, we really don’t like San Francisco area, mostly because we don’t like driving in heavy traffic.  Fortunately, we were able to return home in the hours of light traffic.  Once in Sacramento, we stopped to eat and ran into old friends.  The world shrinks at times like that, whether as commonality with parents of patients, regardless of race or nationality, or when those from the past step forward.

Now these observations are more than you wanted to know.  Hopefully, none of your children will need to be sent there.   As for us, we are extremely grateful.  The heart ablasion which took 4 hours was a success.   Thank you, God!









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